Finobra Peru

The home of Finobra Peru, 201 Martir Olaya, Suite 602


A major force for economic growth in Peru and the world.


Where small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs becomes their best source of funding, connecting with small and medium-sized investors looking for  excellent investments in which they can participate.


Although the economic model of Finobra could be applied anywhere, I focused on a developing country environment and one I knew: Peru. The most important and difficult piece to implement of Finobra is the local presence. Because I know how Peru works, many people in business and government (I used to work for the market regulator), its institutions, its strength and weaknesses, Finobra was already a local expert. We started first building a team: an economist, administrator, lawyer and accountant. Before opening an office, we brainstormed project ideas. We wanted to gain experience incubating and managing projects. Our hope was to create profitable businesses for Finobra to grow, but also to offer high quality professional services to outside entrepreneurs.

At first several members of my family were going to be on the staff, but that was a disaster! Instead, through friends and referrals, and after a few missteps, we had our staff. After searching all over Lima, we settled on an office in Miraflores, a pleasant district with a well developed business center. The office overlooked the Parque Central, a very attractive, older steel and glass 8 story building. The picture above does not do it justice. It was designed as apartments, but it served as office quite nicely. The living-dining space was our main office, furnished with desks, computers, long white pima cotton curtains. Beautiful! At one point the staff grew to 12 and there was still space left over. The bedrooms were used for office and private meetings. We lived in Surco, a 20 minute commute. Most staff had similar commutes.


As mentioned before, Finobra incubated businesses. Several became Sociedad Anonima (S.A.), essentially the same as a U.S. corporation. They are Finobra S.A., the consulting company; Finobra SCP S.A., the commodities brokerage; Finobra Tributaria S.A., legal  and tax consulting; Finobra Trading, specializing in agricultural exports; and Khallma ONG, an NGO.