Site Notes

Each part of Finobra Grupo has its own link above. All of them are historical, even though they are still registered with the Registro Publico of Peru. Please check them out, although eventually there will be nothing new posted except corrections and additional overlooked information. The blog you are reading here is current, my current thoughts, new developments and looking to the future.


It has been a long time since I started this blog and since my last post. Now’s the time to pick it up again. At University of Delaware I finished up an MBA in Finance and International Business. Now I am doing the training for the Project Management Institute’s PMP certification. At the same time I am networking in Washington DC and attending events that relate to the Finobra mission.

There have been a lot of comments posted at this site. Thanks for your interest!! Some have been advertisements, so I will review them when I have time.

Please bear with me on the updates. It will take a while…